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He’s Back!

An industry legend returns
to change the rules –


After 35 years in the business, Jimmy Richardson continues to explore new and exciting ways to deliver mouthwatering taste and great value to increasingly demanding consumers. Jimmy’s down-to-earth style, high standards, reputation for excellence and enduring relationships with customers and suppliers alike have been instrumental to the success of the many companies led by his vision and passion.

Today, WOW! Foods launches a new era with an innovative approach unmatched by competitors in the hand-held food category, serving vending, club and c-store channels. To succeed in today’s economic environment, a company must offer superior value without sacrificing quality. The leaner model of WOW! Foods means lower overhead and streamlined operations, with more resources devoted to developing the highest quality products at a lower price point.

Beyond the exceptional proteins, condiments and flavorings on the WOW! Foods menu, our new enterprise comes to market with a superior solution for one of the most challenging components of all – the bread. WOW! Foods has made a significant investment in state-of-the-art baking technology. The properties of our breads, created to retain optimal freshness and taste in the reheating process, outperform any other options on the market today.

That’s fast. That’s fresh. That’s delicious. That’s WOW!

To further promote the power of our new brand, Jimmy and the WOW! Foods team have partnered with well-known national and regional restaurant and consumer brands. Such partnerships build on a platform of customer loyalty that will now be enhanced by big taste, big flavor and big value, which we proudly call The WOW! Factor.

Please contact Jimmy Richardson and the team for the launch of WOW! Foods You’ve never seen – or tasted – anything like this.

Team Members
Jimmy Richardson ext. 1
Jason Richardson ext. 2
Cole Richardson ext. 3
Pam Witters (CFO) ext. 4
David Johnson (Sales) ext. 5
Rex Christensen (Logistics) ext. 6
Sam Patton (Purchasing) ext. 7
Debbie Zeisler (Accounting) ext. 8
Robyn Queen (Human Resources) ext. 9
Rita Isenhour (Admin) ext. 11

WOW! Foods, LLC
298 W. Crescentville Road • Cincinnati, OH 45246
Phone: 513-878-1730 • Fax: 513-878-1731